Thursday, August 18, 2011

I left Belle Starr's place after she threatened to shoot me and grabbed her gun..

This is my adventure at Belle Starr's Silverado Ranch in Douglas, AZ or Bisbee is what she usually says the town is. I tried everything I could to help those equines, but she did nothing but treat me poorly.. So once myself and my friends advised her we were depleted, she got a really bad attitude and kicked me out of the cabin. Which I paid for my electric (friend prepaid), my food, cable tv, some of her food, all the horses feed, I did all the feeding in the mornings alone, got seriously injured one day while unloading hay alone, killed a rattlesnake in her house for her, and spent a bit over 3,000. in one month doing all of the above.

Yes, I got to stay in the tiny cabin free of charge... (if you call that free). After realizing that there was NO way I could be involved in any sort of business with her because she did not have the right mind for what I was looking for, and no type of money... Plus she would tell me stuff like "The only way to make money here is with drugs". I decided to stay for the horses sake only, because she really started treating me horrible. She self admits to me that she does NOT like or get along with woman. She called me pushy, which is probably true because I would ask for money for hay, or "we are almost out of hay Belle, what do you want me to do?" she would always change the subject.

There were NUMEROUS people that came by and told me that if I were to leave, they would be calling animal control, among others. Well I did inform those people that I would let them know if I left, and would not lie to them. So when I left I did as I said I would, and I let them all know. I CALLED NO-ONE ON HER!! Just the people that could turn her in if they wanted, but had no authority in investigations or such, like I didn't call Sheriff, Department of Livestock, or Adult protective services on her.. She stated in an email that the Sheriff's department on her and all of the above mentioned departments, but I didn't. Although I should have, I did NOT. I did know the people that I informed I was leaving did, and I knew they would.

Even a "friend" of her's that lives out there said "WHAT? She kicked you out?? Your the hardest worker she has had here in so long!!"

Went to court and she played the 'poor ole sick me' and tried to blame EVERYTHING on me. The judge wouldn't have any of that.

All stallions/jacks had to be gelded within a month OR she would be cited. I will be surprised to see this happen since she breeds them on purpose, and leaves stallions in with mares all the time.. Or her help does. (Julie?)

When I was rudely informed to get off the ranch (by her Power of Attorney Julie Hernandez), myself and my friend were told that if we left "our" hay they would give us 2 horses of our choosing... we said no (wish we traded now, hindsight) because we were quite angry with the way we were approached by Julie. Then in court she said we stole her hay LOL!!

Anyway, we just want all the equines safe, she can talk all she wants to me and about me as long as it is the truth, but if she wants to lie I will take her to court.

They have been receiving phone calls about her horses for over 9 yrs, I am so curious as to why Livestock would let her have them back after 9 yrs of fighting to get them out. Hillary at Arizona Department of Livestock was the representative.

One last thing that really bothered me. I called the prosecuting attorney in the case the day before, and told him I have all sorts of evidence... To include dated pictures, receipts, and myself as a witness. He told me "I have 80 cases tomorrow, and don't have time to call a witness, this is going to be a 10 minute hearing... I have a plan in place"

Perhaps some of us were just to "Dramatic"... I think people should have taken this a bit more seriously, look at her income, +bills, and tell me, can you afford 32 equines on SSDI? Hell, LOOK AT HER HISTORY!! Little over 900. a month is what she told me.

She even accused me of planting a rattlesnake in her house and asked me in a later email if I always carried snake catching paraphernalia with me, which consisted of my sleeping bag bag and a stick. I guess I must be the next Steve Irwin.

I have been contacted by many of her followers, and guests at the ranch thanking me for doing something about what they felt wrong for not doing something about the shape of her animals. Her Arabian mare is dead, while in her care. Not sure why someone wasn't checking on poor phantom. She also claims that she would pet Phantom daily or at least call her over to her window, which is entirely impossible, she was never kept anywhere that Belle could get to her the entire time I was there, and I was never asked to move her to her house. She also wanted me to feed her mare that had a baby 7 days after my arrival 4 yr old calf manna, and extra hay that she had never paid for prior to having the baby, stating she knew the mare was pregnant and that she needed the extra. I had moved her mare to be with my horses because she was the skinniest of them all and I did not know she was pregnant, you couldn't tell at all because she was so emaciated. She was worse then most I see on animal planets SPCA shows. Being with my horses I was able to feed her good rations to try and put weight on her, Belle even wanted me to ride her in that condition. I told Belle that we were about out of hay and asked her if she could buy some, she just kept changing the subject so finally I just said "What do you want to do about the feed?" She said put Crystal back into the pasture to graze, which was nothing but desert land, nothing to eat. I put her in as requested and later that day went to buy feed with our money NOT Belle's, and that's when we noticed that Crystal had, had a baby. Not sure how she survived it. I did not feed her 4 yr old Calf Manna but I did feed her supplements as well as extra feed that was not hers. I never seen her purchase any hay the entire time I was there, but we purchased tons.

I now know I am not the only person that has been taken by this woman, I have since been approached by many others. Even people she wouldn't guess would be the ones. Some followers of hers, some friends, some enemies. I guess I was sent down there for bigger reasons then we will ever know because she no longer has many equines, I'm not quite sure how many she has.


I miss you Maike! 

That was my experience with Belle Starr's Silverado ranch in Douglas, AZ Milepost 353.

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  1. Hr remarks about me-----ALL LIES------thanks for publishing them----thanks a lot